Our Services


  • Quality product at correct quantity and correct price
  • Provide Air facility to customers during the operating hours of the Outlet.
  • A suggestion/complaint book maintained and made readily available to customers on demand. A message indicating availability.
  • The working hours of the retail outlet prominently displayed. Holiday notices displayed well in time.
  • Availability of clean Toilet in the premises.
  • Availability of telephone facilities in the premises.
  • First Aid Box is to be made available with necessary valid medicinal aids.
  • Outlet is kept adequately illuminated and clean as per housekeeping standards laid down by the Oil Companies.
  • Safety equipments at Retail Outlet should be provided as per the statutory requirements and maintained in good working condition.


With respect to the toilets, are mandated to check daily and ensure

  • Toilets are cleaned daily
  • Proper lighting is available
  • Flush is working properly
  • Water is available
  • Working latch is available on the toilet door
  • Signage is available