Jairam Group is a leading supplier of coal in India since 1977, it offers a complete mine to plant solution to its customers. also trades in various qualities of Indian Coal. Jairam Group has presence in the entire logistics chain involved in the supply of coal which ensures effortless and timely delivery to the customers.

The different formats of delivery which the company offers are

  • High Seas Sale :

Delivery at the Port

Delivery at the Plant

  • Tax-Paid Sale :

Delivery at the Port

Delivery at the plant

The company in all also stocks a million tonnes of coal at various Indian ports throughout the year, it maintains high quality standards with the coal being inspected at various stages by recognised and accredited inspection agencies. The company also provides expert advice to the industries on the best type of coal suited for the plant & inventory management. Being one of the highest volume suppliers of coal. Jairam Group has a distinctive edge over its competition in every aspect of the business.


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